Dr. Paisan Khanchaitit


Dr. Pichaya Pattanasattayavong


This session will focus on the process of commercializing nanotech-enabled products after innovation. Successful entrepreneurs, innovators, and researchers will share their experiences in bringing ideas to companies in the nanotech industry. The session is open to submissions from individuals who have developed innovative nanotech-enabled products and successfully commercialized them. Additionally, individuals who are currently in the process of commercializing their products or seeking to learn more about the commercialization process are encouraged to submit their experiences.

Topics in this session include but are not limited to:

  • Startups and industrial enterprises commercializing deep-tech or innovations based on advanced materials: design, synthesis, processing, fabrication, application, or other relevant aspects
  • Strategies for identifying commercialization opportunities in the nanotech industry
  • Key challenges in the commercialization process, such as funding, intellectual property protection, and regulatory compliance
  • Success stories and case studies of nanotech-enabled products that have successfully made it to market
  • Lessons learned from the journey from idea to company, including tips for overcoming obstacles and managing risk
  • Perspectives from investors, accelerators, and other stakeholders in the nanotech ecosystem

Keynote Speakers

Session 9 : Nanotechnology for Startups and Enterprises

Prof. Damion Corrigan

Aureum Diagnostics and Microplate Dx

Invited Speakers

Session 9 : Nanotechnology for Startups and Enterprises

Prof. Guillaume Wantz

Co-Founder HEOLE, France

Organic solar sails and textiles for marine decarbonation and building-integrated photovoltaics

Dr. Chuchawin Changtong

IRPC Innovation Center, Thailand

Challenging Factors in Advancing Research to New Business: Case Studies

Dr. Panachit Kittipanya-ngam

Accomate co., ltd (‘ZTRUS’)
ex-president of Thailand Tech Startup Association

Dr. Pimpisut Worakajit

Cleantech & Beyond, Thailand

Digital Temperature Indicators (DTIs) – Battery-free RFID/NFC smart labels based on thermoresponsive materials

Dr. Paisan Khanchaitit


A Case Study of a Scalable and Pivotable Platform for Deep-Tech Startups in Microstructure Fabrication for Biomedical Engineering